About Us


Brainways was established in 2012 by two friends, Yossi Chalamish and Ramon Velleman.

Our purpose: improving brain function

Our method: enjoyment and human interaction through lectures, practical workshops and digital training

This unique Brainways Training Program mobile application brings accumulated knowledge and experience from brain research and practical workshops directly to the user, enabling them to improve brain function anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other ‘brain training’ applications, it relies on practical activities and human interaction instead of interaction with a phone screen.

Once the application is downloaded, users receive practical tasks on a daily basis, taking them step-by-step through different modules such as creative thinking and emotional intelligence.

The Program fulfils two main purposes:

  1. As a tool for promoting an active lifestyle, and as a means for regular exposure to new environmental stimulation, the Brainways Training Program strengthens brain capabilities; it thereby contributes to preventing the deterioration of cognitive skills, as seen with Alzheimer’s diseases.
  2. It enables deep and meaningful learning to improve emotional, social, thought, learning, memory, spatial orientation, intuition, and concentration skills.

Harnessing science for increased wellbeing – the Brainways scientific basis

Brain research has found that the human brain has the natural ability to change, re-form, and improve throughout the human lifespan. An important instrument for promoting the brain’s ability to change and improve is “Neurobics”, a new scientific field that determines that leading an active life, in which we are constantly exposed to new stimulation, enables broad and significant improvement in brain function.

A very important brain activity is the one that puts into action the cognitive array. This involves many skills that are put into practice at once, and are essential for successful daily function. Among these cognitive functions, most notable are thought, memory, concentration, learning, motivation, intuition and emotion. Each of these skills plays a critical and unique function for filtering, compiling, processing and putting into use knowledge, as well as for putting into place optimal individual conduct and behavior.

Over the past few years, brain research has examined cognitive brain function in depth, and offers new and diverse knowledge about human cognition, as well as practical tools for broad and comprehensive improvement of each of the cognitive skills mentioned above.